Spectral Wave

Holy mother of squares! They're coming faster and faster! Survive as long as you can!






Space Radar

In the calm of space there are lots of perils at every step. You must mine the precious green minerals and avoid the highly explosive red minerals. You've been given command of a very powerfull radar to help you in this quest. Use it wisley!


Bearly Nuts

Help Bear and get as many acorns as possible! Be on the look out for Monkey and Mole. They have to much fun teasing Bear. Get Nuts!




In Rainball you have to put each falling ball in a basket of the same color as the ball.

As the time passes powerups and obstacles appear in the sky. Also new colored balls and baskets come into play.

You are allowed to make only 9 mistakes, and the objective is to make as many points as you can.

We think it's a fun game and we hope you enjoy it!



VrUM is an iOS and Android app, that estimates the arrival time of public transportation in Bucharest. 

The app is based on a homebrewed algorithm. This is the main reason why the app doesn't need an internet connection.

The estimates are not always exact, because of factors that are out of our reach like:

  • traffic;
  • construction work;
  • bad weather conditions.

VrUM starts with a simple menu with all the types of surface public transportation in Bucharest. 

By pressing one of the menu items (besides Favorite), you'll get a list of all the transportation from that category, along with their first  and last station.

By choosing one of these, you'll see a list of all the stations and estimated time of arrival for each of them.  

By choosing one of the stations you'll get more details like:

  • previous estimated arrival time;
  • estimated arrival time for the next bus (or other form of transportation that was chosen);
  • estimated arrival time for the bus after the next bus;
  • connections with other transportation lines;
  • detailed arrival times in all the following stations for the current bus.

You can also add a station to favorites by pressing the little star button in the details page. The saved stations can be viewed by pressing Favorite from the main menu.

VrUM can improve its results with the help of its users. If you find that the app makes big estimation errors, you can send us feedback from the app (Semnaleaza probleme).

We hope that VrUM will make your life more pleasant, by saving you a little bit of time each day.

Finger Drum Master is here!

We've developed Finger Drum Master mainly because it's really fun to develop a drum app, and because we wanted a very customizable and feature full drum set to play.


In FDM you have two game modes: a play mode and a practice mode.


Choose play mode and what you get is a challange mode in which you must reproduce what the app is playing. The better you do this the better the rating and score you receive. Nothing is more rewarding than getting rated 3/3.

Choose practice mode and just enjoy playing the drums (this can be very relaxing as we found out testing and playing the game).
In practice mode you have the following features:

  • tune drums;
  • position drums;
  • record what you play.

Tune drums allows you to tune each drum individually and also set its volume. Before you do this you choose in what slot to save what you're about to configure. FDM provides 3 slots for saving your custom tuning, so if you like a speciffic tuning you've made, you can come back later and select it without the need to do all the work again.

Position drums lets you move the drums around the screen however you want. Just like before you have 3 slots in which you can save your setup, so later you can just select it and start hitting the drums.

Record is the place where you record what you play and listen to it later. FDM gives you 8 slots where you can save what you play for later listening... or bragging.

That being said, we hope you enjoy this game at least half as much we enjoyed making it.